Standard Commercial Cleaning

But if you want anything else cleaned, please let us know, we will be glad to clean it for you.
Or you can build your plan as you need it.

All of common areas

We will Clean:

*Doors, glasses, windows, window sills, and tables.
*Dust all of the furniture.
*Wall decorations.
*Staircases as needed.
*Vacuum and mop the floor.
*Take out the trash and recycle.


We will Clean:

*Doors, windows, window sills, mirror.
*Wall tiles, lights and light switches.
*Vanities and toilets.
*Change the towels and mats if requested.
*Refill toilet paper, soap and paper towels
*Take out the garbage.
*Vacuum and mop the floor.


We will Clean:

*Surfaces, exterior cabinets, countertops, and small appliances (kettle, toaster, blender, coffee machine, mixer etc).

*Large Appliances = microwave (inside and out), dishwasher (exterior), refrigerators (exterior), stove (exterior).

*Dust all surfaces.

*Lights, fans, vents, decoration.

*We will wash the dishes and leave your sink sparkling. 

*We will take out the garbage.

*Vacuum and mop the floor.

*interior cleaning for fridges, ovens, cabinets are available at additional costs.

*you can customize your cleaning plan as you need it.

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