You can fill out your home information here Get a Quote and we will give you the best quote we can for the size of your home.

House cleaning costs depend on the size of your home, the number of rooms, and other factors such as the number of pets. You can receive a free custom quote by filling out your home info here: Get a Quote.

The time needed to clean a home varies, but a Regular Standard Cleaning* of a 1,000 sq ft home takes an hour and a half to two hours on average.

*Normally a First Deep Cleaning takes twice as long as a Regular Cleaning.

We accept Credit or Debit, as well as Mailed Checks to the company address. Our email invoices contain payment instructions.

No, you will receive an invoice when the service is 100% done.

We are always willing to return to your home to clean anything we missed. You won’t be charged until your house is 100% cleaned.

A Deep Cleaning takes twice the amount of time of a regular cleaning, due to the house being dustier and dirtier. For example, surfaces may need to be wiped down as dusting would not be enough.

If you choose a regular plan (Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly), our first cleaning will be the only deep cleaning you will need.

No. All of our customers are free to cancel their plans anytime with no cancelation fee.

Yes, we must be notified of a cancellation at least 24 business hours in advance. If you cancel with less than 24hrs notice you will be charged a 20% fee based on your cleaning rate. Also, if your next cleaning requires more time than usual we may charge a higher rate to cover that additional time. We recommend all our customers carefully read our We follow all of the government recommendations as laid out by Rescheduling Policy here.

We apply a nice discount for the first cleaning to motivate you to become an active customer and choose a recurring plan.

Yes, If you want just a 1 time cleaning we will charge the agreed upon rate.

The discount is offered to motivate you to become an active customer, so if you do this you will be charged later for the discount balance considering you didn’t choose a recurring plan. If you don’t have plans to continue using our service after the first cleaning please understand your bill with no discount, this value is located above the final total and discounts in the bill.

The Standard cleaning would be a complete basic cleaning not including extra services, such as cleaning inside the fridge, oven or cabinets.

To make the cleaning plans more affordable and to allow you to add or remove those specific services according to each cleaning.

Yes. Almost all of the customers give tips to the cleaners for every cleaning.

Almost all of our products are from Clorox brand.

We abide by M.G.L. ch 149.152A. 100% of tips go directly to the employees who performed the service.

Instructions are not necessary as our employees will already have all of the information and specifications about your house noted in the Speedy System. Let your cleaning day be worry-free.

Your home information will begin to be gathered on our first visit. Later, customer service will keep in contact with you and allow you to update your specifications as you see fit.

All of your information will only be shared between you and our company. Employees have limited basic access to it.

Yes, it would be an extra service, and therefore charged separately. Also, be aware that some residential paint jobs are not water resistant and damage could result from wiping down walls.

Of course. We simply recommend that our customers not be in the same room as our employees while they work so as to give them space to clean.

We follow all of the government recommendations as laid out by CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines. guidelines.

Yes , the company provides all of the PPE necessary (ie. gloves, mask, shoe covers, etc).

EMAIL is the best and fastest way to communicate a complaint. We recommend adding pictures of the spots pertaining to the complaint so we can better understand what really happened.

We normally offer to go back the same day or at the latest the next day to clean whatever was missed.

Anytime. However, considering a lot of things can happen after we leave (for example, your dog may track dirt on the floor or the wind might blow leaves into the house when you open the front door), we only ask you to contact us within 24 hours of your cleaning so that we can return and clean what was missed at no extra cost. Complaints made more than 24 hours after the cleaning will be considered on a case to case basis and may incur extra charges.

Yes absolutely. We just need the home information to calculate an accurate price for that house. Also we can provide a custom Gift Card made by us with your words if you prefer.

No. We only recommend taking them outside if they are not so friendly towards strangers or if they start to get in the way of the cleaners’ job.

Yes, many customers either leave a copy with us or provide us with a door code or a lockbox. If you provide us with a key copy we will attach it to a keychain with a code (not your address, name or any information directly linked to you) to identify which key is yours. Your key will be locked in the company office at all times.

Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Yes, usually we ask 1 week advance but we can try to do our best to fit you into our schedule as soon as we can.

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